The Art...

How sacred it is to work so intimately with the Earth; To communicate with her, shape her, share space with her. We bare our souls to each other, we are vulnerable together and through this we strengthen each other so that we can become sensitive and powerful forces of love.

My work is to reconnect people to the wilderness in their bones, for once we once we recognise the wild nature in our hearts we can begin to live in symbiotic alignment with this Earth.

To extend the awareness of our Earthen community, for we have not been taught the wonderful ways in which life flourishes and supports itself through the different facets of existence. We have not been taught the language of the trees: beings of complex social networks that take care of their sick and thrive with their friends.

We have not been let go into the wilderness of our own selves to realise how inextricably interwoven we are with the life of our planet. We do not learn how deeply spiritual we are as beings and the power we possess as creators and shapers of our lives.

We have not learned that these lessons of the land go hand in hand with our personal growth and we have not been taught to integrate our lives into the flow of that which is most natural to us.

Council of Ancients is a gathering of ancient tribes and creatures of the earth that have come together to share wisdom and space. Each piece is a practical tool to bring ceremony into your life, while empowering the wildness of existence.

The Ceremonial Adornment

The way that you express your self to the world is a powerful tool. Adorning your body in the way that you feel most empowered can be a beautiful act of self love and art. Drape your body in reminders of the soul to help bring intention and ceremony into your every day life.

The Art of Storytelling